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Julie mic

I’m a writer, producer, and speaker focused on social justice, human sexuality and spirituality. As well, I’m a coach with experience in relationship and sexuality issues, and love working with individuals discovering new parts of themselves, especially parents who may be grappling with sexual education issues with their own children.

My work has ranged from non-profit arts organizations to higher education, advancement and student affairs, and I have a broad skill set from development, community relations, coaching and mentoring, to performing and improvisational comedy.

I have written for The Good Men Project, Flurtsite, Good Vibes Blog, The Austin Chronicle Gay Place Blog, elephant journal and Persephone Magazine. I am also a performer and a co-producer of the popular monthly show, Bedpost Confessions and produced the Austin based Ladies Are Funny Festival. I use theater and storytelling to bridge the space between social justice advocacy and the everyday.

My personal focus and passion is with LGBTQ, women’s rights and sexual education and health. I believe in sexual literacy and education for all, and that sexual rights are human rights which should be honored and respected.

I believe in the fight against sexual abuse and assault and I strongly support the intersections and impact of social justice and the arts.

I am drawn to projects and people involving collaboration and creativity. Energetic and focused, my mission is to further social justice and deepen human relationships, provide space for human experience to occur.

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You can contact me with any questions or requests on coaching, advocacy work and writing, or community events that need a speaker at juliegillisproductions@gmail.com.

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