Open Thread Thursday

Have awesomeness to spread? Do it here and inspire us! Need support on a problem, I bet you can get some in the comments. Links that need linking, issues that need activating, arguments that need arguing, or shameless self promotion? Please share it and we’ll boost the signal!

***as always, my comment policies basically boil down to be kind or I’ll intervene. In some way.



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2 responses to “Open Thread Thursday

  1. HeatherN

    Shameless promoting, AWAY: – Aside from the snark in the comments, I think a conversation about men in feminism is actually quite important.

    Also, I’m planning a couple of blog posts for today or tomorrow at my personal blog, but they aren’t up yet. So…I’ll shamelessly promote that to…go check out my blog, peeps: 😀

  2. Just thinking thoughts about the male parodies if the recent Dove ads. Thinking on sources of male against female anger and hate,

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