Signal Boost: An Open Letter to Facebook | MotherWise

FB has some strange policies around what is and isn’t “pornographic.” Highly sexualized images of women, rape “joke” pages, and so forth are allowed.

Images educating people on where the clitoris is, or images of breastfeeding are not.

Check this post out by MotherWiseLife on being blocked, having photos removed, and having her own account shut down (the one connected to this page) and share it. On your FB.

As Sheryl Sandberg would say, LEAN IN.

An Open Letter to Facebook | MotherWise.

If FB allows the page “Best Ass Fap” surely they can handle an image of the vulva for educational purposes.



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3 responses to “Signal Boost: An Open Letter to Facebook | MotherWise

  1. Archy

    Facebook seems to go solely on visual content. Wear underwear and it’s ok, put a star over nipple and it’s ok, show detailed vulva and it’s not ok. I have friends who post grotesque pictures of their injuries, wounds with blood n gore (workplace injuries) and that is allowed but nudity is no bueno. It’s quite strange that our society is like that, even a sexualized picture with underwear is allowed but educational pics are not! Mothers breastfeeding is not allowed yet very focused shots of someones rear end, cleavage, etc is ok?

  2. I think the real letter should be addressed to the moms and not to Facebook, they are the ones who banned it…
    I suggest you check this article for the whole response:

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