Signal Boost: A TED Talk That Might Turn Every Man Who Watches It Into A Feminist? Its Pretty Fantastic.

This is an amazing video. Jackson Katz teaches leadership and is an activist for gender equality and non violence and where men can lead, with pride and power, in pushing back against sexism and interpersonal violence-for women, for daughters but also for men and sons.

A TED Talk That Might Turn Every Man Who Watches It Into A Feminist? Its Pretty Fantastic..

The first section of the piece covers a lot of issues around privilege. He lays it out brilliantly and I felt validated in a weird way (because I’d never seen the Ted Talk) because I’d just been writing about “default” identities-whiteness, maleness, straightness in a recent article on the blog, which was inspired by others writing the same thing.

I believe there are more and more people waking up to the reality that whiteness, maleness, straightness…all the “defaults” are as wrapped up in and affected by the “isms” as are the people of color, women, gays and lesbians. We are finally starting to bring out the idea of privilege in a powerful way, identifying the dynamics of dominance and power that work their way into all of our consciousness.

And these are real dynamics that affect us all. Culture and societal influences are pervasive and deep. Narratives that are passed down over hundreds of years are hard to even see at times because they become “how things are.”

He ends his piece with a push for leadership: power, pride, strength around this work of peace. Stepping up for others is power. Stepping up for others is aligning ourselves with them and sharing our pride and our strength. Leading means teaching others how to lead as well.

It’s a great video, so if you’ve not seen it, I highly recommend it.



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6 responses to “Signal Boost: A TED Talk That Might Turn Every Man Who Watches It Into A Feminist? Its Pretty Fantastic.

  1. Yeah, no. A movement that is too blind to accept institutional sexism against men actually does exist (rarer than against women) and doesn’t accept female privilege isn’t really going to win me over. Now if you want to point me to the version of feminism that accepts misandry I might reconsider, although the word itself really should make the evolution to a gender-neutral term to incorporate a truly egalitarian mindset and not one that is gynocentric. The day it becomes extremely rare for men to be pretty much run out of feminist spaces for daring to mention men, is the day a lot more men will call themselves feminists. I see huge numbers of men who have experienced outright hostility from some feminists, whilst other feminists have remained very quiet on that. It’s not going to help create many new feminists when huge amounts of anti-feminists are created by some of the bad feminists whilst the good ones remain so quiet on the issue.

    Trust is everything for a movement, the public image, the loudest voices, they need to be overly good to keep the label polished clean to draw in men n women into the movement. Do you know that most women I seem to know do not refer to themselves as feminist, and it’s more common for me to hear women thinking negatively over modern feminism? I think I saw a study that said 20% of people were feminist, but over 50% believed in equality, if true then feminism needs to ask itself what has turned off the 30%.

    But then there’s also a massive flaw in assuming that one has to be feminist to be against sexism. The majority of people I know who are against sexism…aren’t actually feminist, and in fact use no labels. I agree with some parts of feminism, but flat out disagree with other parts….I fit the label of feminist AND MRA AND egalitarian. Hell most anti-feminists I read n see actually believe in equality, same as most anti-MRA’s, etc. I am 100% convinced labels get in the way of equality.

  2. You disagree with me a great deal. Do you get anything out of reading me?

  3. Just wondered was all. Sometimes it seems mostly like it upsets you. No worries.

    • Nah, I tend to love debating. My debating style is probably a bit aggressive n harsh sounding but I’m actually relaxed. Through debating I learn, I LOVE when people cut my arguments to shreds for instance cuz it allows me to learn from it. I agree with nearly everything except labels, I personally find them too limiting, too many fights online witnessed by people with the same goals but different ideology behind it.

  4. I’ll clarify, it doesn’t turn ME into a feminist and it won’t turn all men into feminists, nor does it need to in order to get men to fight sexism was my point.

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