Thursday was Bedpost Confessions, a show I am so pleased with and proud of. We had a number of amazing storytellers that night, weaving erotics alongside of openness. Their stories shared the best of human traits-curiosity, courage, vulnerability. They opened a space up for others to connect, to share, to find their own way in a world that makes it difficult for people to communicate about something so vital and important.

Then I found this site, The Men’s Story Project. From the trailer and information on the webpage, the work these people are creating looks amazing. Masculinity is something I see as a polarizing dynamic. There are so many groups and sites trying to win some kind of war over the soul of it, to define it. A group like this, allowing for stories about it, well, that’s amazing.

Finally, last night I was able to see the Austin performance of The Vagina Monologues. This amazing theater experience has been produced since 1996 and has raised millions of needed funds to support women in the world, exemplifies the power of storytelling both for its impact on an audience but also on the tellers themselves.
The production was beautiful and powerful, set in a gorgeous little co-working space in South Austin. The audience filled up the space half-circling the stage which was populated by some of Austin’s most amazing performers, including a few extremely talented storytellers that have performed at Bedposts, Holly Lorka and Brooke Axtell.

Stories are important and I’m glad I’m part of a community that supports it.


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