New Blog, New Project: God Is Not A Guy

For any of my spiritually inclined friends, or those interested in how gender and culture plays into spirituality and religion, here’s a new project by some friends of mine from St. Andrew’s Presbyterian.

Does God Have a Gender?by Robert Jensen.

Gender and how gender is part of religion, and how that relationship affects culture-a big deal for all the reasons laid out in Jensen’s article.

Take a read and let me know what you think.


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One response to “New Blog, New Project: God Is Not A Guy

  1. Though I almost always think of God as Father, a priest once told me that really, God is whatever you need Him (or Her, or It, I suppose) to be – father, mother, spouse or anything in between. And I rather like that idea, personally, because it reinforces the idea that God transcends our earthly ideas of gender and family. If you get right down to it, God is love. Period. And whatever kind of love you need, God will give it to you.

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