Who failed Rehtaeh Parsons? Who didn’t?

Who failed her? It appears nearly everyone did from the boys who raped and photographed her, to the social media sites that allowed for it, to the students who had the photos go viral and participated in online bullying of the 15 year old.

Who else? The RCMP who didn’t do their due diligence in separating the accused before alibis and stories could be come up with, who didn’t prosecute those who took the photos or who had photos on their cameras (illegal by the way).

The system in general was a fail, for a scared girl who couldn’t bring herself to admit that it happened until she had a breakdown in the kitchen. Too late for tests.

Horrible stuff. A horrible case. And now the loss of a bright young girl who had such wonders ahead of her. All she got was betrayal by friends.

I ask you, what the hell is wrong with this world that we’d treat our friends this way? Our school mates? Or am I just being naive and soft and should get with the program of misanthropy, hate and public shaming?

It’s a hard article to read.

Who failed Rehtaeh Parsons? | The Chronicle Herald.

This, even harder

Rehtaeh always cared for the underdog and was interested in social issues, a girl who “read everything she could get her hands on,” said her mother.

On March 3, Rehtaeh posted a photo of herself on Facebook next to a quote from Martin Luther King Jr.:

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

I pray and wish for peace for her mother and for justice to be done. As a mother myself I cannot imagine the agony she is going through, having witnessed so much during the year, watching her child suffer and now this. And I pray and wish for a sea change towards kindness and gentleness.

What on earth can we do to bring that about?



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3 responses to “Who failed Rehtaeh Parsons? Who didn’t?

  1. It’s a great question and one that should have been asked many months ago after Amanda Todd’s untimely death. So sad to lose another young soul. This is a radio piece I did for CKDU with HTCIA – a local non-profit that investigates cyber-crimes and helps educate students and families about the dangers that exist online. They will come to local schools and speak with students, teachers and parents and the feeling is that education needs to begin earlier. Highschool is simply too late. http://cynsites.wordpress.com/2013/02/15/computer-dangers-part-2-sextortion-and-cell-phones/

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