Addendum on American Dream: Taping of Farm Cruelty Is Becoming the Crime

Because animal rights groups are infiltrating factory production yards and taking video of horrific practices that harm animals, instead of cleaning up the industries (cause that would probably cause loss of profit), many state legislatures are passing laws making it illegal to videotape in factories and farms. Violators would be placed on a “terrorist” list.

Of course.

Taping of Farm Cruelty Is Becoming the Crime –

One more example of a culture of commodification, of violence, of a system lacking in any empathy for those it uses for it’s gain.

These animals are dying for us. So we can consume them for either nourishment or sheer pleasure. The least we can do is make their lives safe, calm, and as pain-free as possible along the way.

That would cost money though. Better to make criminals of people who hold compassion and equity as a high ideal, yes?

People who care for animals are terrorists in this new world, and the people inflicting terror on the animals are just doing good business.

Sounds about right.


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