This afternoon I have the special fortune to visit my eldest son’s afterschool theater class and work with him and his peers as they prepare for an improvisation competition!

Children are natural improvisers and love to play, but performing improv takes practice and skill. I’m so thrilled that I get the chance to share my own skills and experience with teens and pre-teens who are learning this craft, and help them not only feel confident at the performance, but start truly integrating the skills into their daily lives.

We’ll be focusing on the following:

“Yes, and!” which helps you and your partners build on ideas and creativity, while not blocking people’s offers.

Physicality-this allows us to use our bodies and voices to create awesome and fun characters.

Status-status and power are everywhere and can add tension and intrigue to scenes. There are great games to play to help heighten the arc of a sketch.

Who/What/Where-get those names and places and roles out in the first 3-5 sentences!

It’s a true gift to get to spend this kind of time with my son and his friends!

Improv can really change your life!


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  1. mrsbachelorgirl

    How COOL! Wish I could come play with y’all!

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