Some Great Articles On Shifting The Culture on Rape

How media can help stop rape | Women Under Siege Project.

This one on how we can start shifting the culture short term by Josh Sharyar is fantastic,

“In the long-term, yes, educating boys early to respect women is a critical element in stopping rape. However, the numbers tell us that rape has reached a basically pandemic state here in the U.S., so we need to do more in the short-term as well. Raising children to not rape isn’t going to help people who face the threat of sexualized violence right now. By not offering much in the way of immediate solutions, by not putting actual experts on the air or offering in-depth stories about what’s going on, journalists give us the message that they assume society can’t do more than hope the future is brighter, rather than focus on the decay in front of us right now.”

And this one, by Lauren Wolfe, is excellent and a great example of that media bias and how problematic it is. All of it is worth reading.

“And what sort of justice do we, as a society, want? Do we want this repetition of victim-blaming and soft-handling of “boys” who violate our girls? Of dismissal of this as a “one-off” case, rare in its brutality? Of making this about “football” or “video games” or whatever excuse is of-the-moment? Or do we want something better for ourselves, from ourselves? We have the opportunity to decide that right now.”

We’ve got the opportunity to really make change now, deep change, and I hope we take it.


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