Easter Thoughts

I haven’t been feeling very well the past 24 hours, but I haven’t been able to gear up to write. Maybe it’s just because so much of what I’ve been reading and writing about is tiring or perhaps I’m coming down with something.

Thankfully, I can share the words of Reverend Jim Rigby on Easter.

Easter was always a very difficult holiday for me when I was practicing Christianity. I’d read or hear the stories and I always wanted SOMETHING, someone, to step in and stop the sacrifice.

Then again, I can’t watch West Side Story for the same reason. I just want to step into the movie and pause the action and allow love to win.

But love does win. Or it could if we’d just let it.

» The church is standing on the wrong side of the cross jimrigby.org.

As says Jim,

Visitors do not want to be told that Easter has not yet happened for them if they cannot see Christ in the face of a gay or lesbian person. Or that Easter has not yet happened for them if they cannot not see the face of Christ in the people they are calling “illegal immigrants.” After Easter has happened to a person, he or she can hear the profound love behind an atheist’s hatred of superstition. Easter is a celebration of this universal love that alone could save our world.

Most Easter visitors do not want to hear a living message that makes them uncomfortable. They prefer a comfortable story about waking cadavers that does not require that they, themselves, resurrect into the common life. They do not want to hear that the cross represented the threat of empire and so now the church is standing on the wrong side of that cross. Instead of presenting itself as a living sacrifice for the whole world, the church now consecrates the cross of the American Empire.

The rebirth and symbolism of Christ is love and love alone. We are living in a culture that could use reminding of that, no matter the spiritual or ethical path. There is so much violence against each other, from discrimination to racism to sexism to yes the drones noted in Jim’s piece.

Spring is here, the flowers and bees and soft air cycle in again, in a hopeful reminder that love is present, life is present, in all things. Perhaps the cycles come until we finally damn well figure that out.


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