Supreme Court Prop 8 and Dr. Seuss.

Prop 8 has been holding arguments with the Supreme Court today. There are updates happening continuously and should anything new come up, I’ll post.

I’m so angry that I even have to post this post. I’m confounded, befuddled, bewildered, and sad.

I believe in marriage equality. I believe love is bigger than religion, than the state, than bigotry. I’m privileged. I’m married (legally) to a man. I am an ally to the cause and to people like my dear friend, Clay, who said these words yesterday on FB as a call for understanding.

“I understand many people I know are opposed to to legalizing same-sex marriage. And I understand all too well the reasons why and consequently will refrain from discuss the religious aspects. However, nobody is saying anywhere that churches and houses of worship should be required to perform the sacrament of marriage to same-gender couples.

What is at stake, however, are the over 1,100 benefits and rights that are afforded to heterosexual couples that are denied to me and my partner. We’ve been in a committed relationship for ten years (come November 14), yet a couple who marries on the Strip on a whim is immediately afforded financial and legal benefits that are denied to us. Domestic Partnership, at the state level, does not cover them as they are federal benefits.

These are benefits such as tax benefits (we pay a higher tax than married couples), rights of survivorship, hospital visitation, inheritance and the list goes on . . .

I’m not asking anyone to change their faith but I am asking consideration of this issue from a purely governmental standpoint, a government based on the separation of church and state.”

Here is an overview of those rights and protections.

This whole thing is a cultural and spiritual con game to create and enforce discrimination.

I won’t stand for friends, family, and loved ones being turned into (and kept as) second class citizens, because this is effectively what this is. I can’t tolerate the “I love my gay friends, but it’s just not a real marriage.” Or “Why can’t they be satisfied with domestic partnership benefits? Why do they have to take our word?”

If these people who say these things believe them, they are believing in full on discrimination and should just go on and say so. Be honest! Say you’d prefer that “We” get marriage and “they” don’t. Because that’s what this becomes.

You love them? You just don’t want them to have the same rights.

You care for them? You just don’t want them to have the same protections.

You like being friends with them? But you don’t want them to be considered equals to you in your social standings.

This is what this is.

Marriage rights as a way of holding people below us and keeping people from being, well, uppity, about being considered full human beings. This has happened with race, with money, with religion, with gender. Now it’s happening with marriage and sexual orientation.

As you all know it wasn’t all that long ago when Jews and Christians weren’t supposed to marry, when it was illegal for people of color and whites to marry (and illegal for people of color to drink out of the same water fountains). This is no different.

Everyone should take an hour and do some re-reading of their Dr. Seuss. Check out The Sneetches and look at what we are STILL doing to human beings. We are still finding ways to hold one group superior, one group less than, and we are still buying into systems that exploit us into believing it.

Little children get it. My sons read that book and all they could say was, “Why are those Sneetches being so mean to the other ones? Why does it matter?”

Why does it matter what stars we have (or skin color we have, or spirituality we share, or gender we love), when we are all glorious children of the universe??

We all love. We all want to be loved. We could love SO much more if we just let ourselves.

Equality is a human right, and I’ll fight to my dying day for it. Please stand with me.


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