The Texas Sex Ed Wars-Jim Rigby, Daily Kos, Alternet

Posting may be light this week, cause I’ve got all kinds of things going on (who knows though! Sometimes when you’ve gotta write, you’ve gotta write!)

For today, please read all of this amazing post on Texas’s horrid wars on Sex Education by Jim Rigby, of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.

» The Texas Sex Ed Wars

Jim’s right on the money about the lack of support for our children. As he says;

“I learned from that experience that we cannot force young people to live in the world as we imagine it should be. Instead, our role as adults, after we have told young people what we think is best, is to make sure that the choices that lie before them are as safe and healthy as we can possibly make them.”

More here at Alternet, and here from My San Antonio for follow up.

I believe it is a fundamental human right for people to know and understand how their bodies work, and that includes the entire reproductive system. You want to reduce abortions? Try contraception and sex ed.

Abstinence education isn’t working, as noted here and here and here, in this article at Daily Kos, by Kaili Joy Gray also reporting on this horrible bill.

“As I wrote on Sunday (and about a million times before that), abstinence-only education not only doesn’t prevent teens from having sex, getting pregnant, and spreading sexually transmitted diseases—it actually makes things worse. Teens have sex no matter how many times they’re told not to, so the only way to reduce rates of pregnancy and disease is to provide them with comprehensive, honest, science-based education so they’ll know how to protect themselves. Because when all they’re offered is “Just say no” and “Planned Parenthood is bad,” well, that’s how you end up with the the worst rates of teen pregnancy in the nation. Like in Texas.”

People like sex. People have sex. Teens are people.

The best way to avoid STDs and unplanned pregnancies involves being able to communicate thoroughly with your partner, understanding how biology works, and having access to safer sex tools and contraception.

In order to have those, we need to get real about sex and how we talk about it, cause telling people not to do it, clearly isn’t working.

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