Obligatory Birthday Post

Julie mic

Look, here’s me yelling sex/social-justice/spirituality rants into a microphone while proving that with a lot of good lighting, awesome professionally done makeup and a fantastic photographer, 44 can look ok!

I always get contemplative around my birthday. Age is weird you know? Especially for women, but I figure everyone looks at that next turn around the planet with a mixture of awe and dread. I’ve had a pretty wild year, this last go round, but I’m thrilled to be doing all the things I’m doing, with all the people I’m doing them with. I don’t really ever know how many people I reach, or what impact I have. Maybe little, maybe not, but I hope that something I’m doing is good and makes a difference.

I’m blessed, lucky, fortunate, and gifted with so much goodness around me. Thank you so much for being a part of my life!

If you are in town and want to drop by BedPost Confessions tonight at the North Door at 8 pm, I’d love to see you!

No presents or cards for me please, but if anyone feels so inclined to make a donation to any of the following, I’d consider it a wonderful gift!

Planned Parenthood

Out Youth

Safe Place

Jane Doe has asked folks to donate to the shelter in her area, Madden House.


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One response to “Obligatory Birthday Post

  1. Archy

    Happy Birthday, great photo 😀

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