Sean McGhee

I failed to post a piece of text from that Yahoo article, a tiny light of hope that people can STAND UP against groupthink, power, even if they are afraid.

Sean McGee pushed back and is supporting the prosecution of Mays and Richmond.

Yet McGhee, who was still in town last August before heading off to college, testified that he saw the girl at a party earlier in the night. He believed, based on her slurring words and stumbling walk, that she was extremely drunk. So later in the evening, when the initial texts and pictures and rumors began flying about what Mays and Richmond were allegedly doing with her, he became enraged.
This, he knew, was wrong. So he borrowed a friend’s phone (his was out of power) and texted the following to Mays:
“This is Sean, you are dead wrong. I’m going to choke the [expletive] out of you for that. You could go to jail for life for that. What the [expletive]. Sean McGhee.”
Hemmeter asked McGhee why he sent that and other accusatory, confrontational texts to Mays.
“I saw how drunk she was,” he said.
And with that, at last, there was at least a single teenager in Steubenville sending a single text that suggested someone finally had the slightest bit of perspective, morals or manhood to do or say a damn thing.

Indeed. I’m going to write a post about bystanders soon. I just need to think about all this a bit.



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11 responses to “Sean McGhee

  1. Thank you.

    THIS is the message that needs to get out: not how horrible or evil those boys are but that IF YOU DON’T AGREE WITH SOMETHING YOU NEED TO SPEAK OUT!

    If you need some resources about bystanders, I wrote a post here that cites several studies on bystander behaviour:

  2. Eric Strauss

    Yeah Sean McGhee deserves props. Of all the people involved, he’s the only one who can comfortably look at himself in the mirror. I guess I’ll also give a pass to the boys in the Nodianos video who said it was “not cool,” and who asked how he’d feel if it was his daughter.

  3. Had McGhee dialed 911, he would be a hero….

    • No doubt. Let’s talk about that. Do you have a lot of experience with the bystander effect? With group pressure? If I’m understanding the case, he wasn’t at the party, but received texts later. And, he obviously is working for the prosecution so somehow in all that he’s either been forced or willingly participated in the trial.

      We need to be able to teach more people to step up faster and more frequently. He at least is a start.

      • I dont know what the bystander effect is- I’ve written about taking one for the team at GMP & standup2p.

        I raised one son- a dyed in the wool stud jock- to pick up the phone, call an ambulance and rescue 2 young women and the idiots circling them from hell 2 years ago and watched the other cool out a fight today.

        We need to make everyone aware that it is up to them…, if the cops were effective Judges wouldn’t all carry guns.

      • Plus I haven’t the time to dig through this all again…
        Have you addressed, Julie, how this tragedy is at it’s core a booze story?
        It’s not a boys rape girls tale, it is a drunken boys rape a drunken girl cautionary tragedy.

  4. Nope, it’s a rape issue. I’ve known some tremendous drunks who have somehow managed not to rape people.

    • It’s an issue of violence.

      • An issue of violence and rape among drunks… As are most of these stories in which all parties know or are at least acquainted…
        If you are going to study the problem you need to look at the commonalities- the kids in Steubenville who were sober that night weren’t getting into the same jackpot.
        I was a world class drunk who never raped- I did however do some other monumentally stupid things drunk.

  5. HeatherN

    On bystanders: If I am remembering this right, there was a study done which showed that when a person is a single bystander to an act of violence, they are likely to intervene. When they are one person among many who are witnessing an act of violence, they are far less likely to intervene. I think that’s probably what Julie was referring to when she mentioned the “bystander effect.”

    Also just want to agree with Julie that his is an issue of violence and rape. It is not a “cautionary tragedy” about alcohol.

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