It’s a gorgeous and beautiful day out today. I spent much of the day with my in-laws just hanging out, but I also went out and saw Mr. Angel, a documentary by Dan Hunt, and it was phenomenal.

“Shot over six years, Mr. Angel chronicles the extraordinary life of transgender advocate, educator and porn pioneer, Buck Angel. His in-your-face style of activism has audiences outraged by his insistence that he is ‘a man who happens to have a vagina.’

Buck has survived addiction, homelessness, suicide and relentless opposition to his gender expression. Still, he lives his truth without compromise or apology.

This feature length documentary explores Buck’s moving story to understand the complexities of someone who overcame incredible obstacles, then shamelessly sought the spotlight and its backlash, to share his message of empowerment. This is an inspirational story of rare perseverance and an unlikely hero.”

I’m still thinking about what I want to say about it so hopefully I’ll have a longer review tomorrow. It was intense and raw and vulnerable. And it strikes me that we’ve got such a long way towards sexual freedom and pleasure in this country, not to mention accepting and welcoming gender expressions past a binary.

I’ll say this though for now, because it happened today prior to the film. When my kids and family were in the car today, we spent some time joking about belching. And there was some conversation about men and burping vs women and burping and the phrase “ladylike” came up, and whether it was ok for women to enjoy belching and in public or private, what can I say, the kids were belching.

The exchange between the kids was this.

O: Ladylike or not ladylike, manly or not manly, that just makes no sense.
E: Just be who you are!

And really, as simple and childish as that sounds, it sort of is the truth of it.

Enjoy the beautiful day, wherever you are.



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