SXSW Updates, Back Broken but Level Headed

SXSW has been as fun as it always!

I’ve been to see some awesome panels, held my own panel Old Tech, New Tech, Same Old Sex? and it was fantastic! We got lots of great feedback including the commenter who said they could have listened to it for hours more. That’s amazing!

Here we all are, Lisa Vandever, Mike Stabile, Carol Queen and me getting ready to kick it off!


The big downside to the weekend was that somehow, on Saturday, I dislocated/broke/smashed a lumbar vertebra and was in excruciating pain even at the panel, which advil did nothing to help.

So, home I went to lie flat on the floor and take a muscle relaxer, and wait until this morning and the Chiropractor, and oddly I wound up in a Twitter argument? Kerfuffle? Debate? with several feminist Twitter pals against one Adam S. Baldwin (Jayne of “Firefly” and “Serenity” fame). Apparently, he is a republican and doesn’t much like feminist discourse around consent, gender relations and rape culture.

To be transparent, I really only jumped into the argument after it had been going on a while, with such amazing people in it to win it like Pia Glenn (and did I mention she’s amazing), who is awesome (and amazing), and Pamplemousse. And, like I said, I had been in pain for about 24 hours and was taking meds. There were a lot of people involved, please forgive if I don’t link everyone.

Here’s a storify of Pia and Adam.

So I got pretty silly through most of it, in part because of the meds, but in part because I just couldn’t get up the anger needed. For some reason, my particular attituded talking about gender indicated to him that I was level headed, which he tweeted about me, mostly because I was defending my right to have the friends I wanted on Twitter and didn’t hate on people just because held different opinions. This is apparently weird, but man, there is already so much hateymeanness on the internet I don’t much like adding to it. Snark? Sure, a little. Anger? Ok, I can do anger. But I don’t like barbing arrows with verbal poison and blowing them at people I don’t know well. Or having them blown back which was starting to happen to all of us. It’s so weird, the internet.

I guess that does make me level headed? Or conflict avoidant? I don’t know.

Regardless, the Twittersnit came to a beautiful head when Adam said “Piffle” at us, and then a wonderful person named @mmasammich created this picture. Because Jayne saying piffle is funny.


I think we should submit a SXSWi panel on the whole thing, personally. Kind of a post meta analysis on internet discourse, celebrity, and gender.

Speaking of hate on the internet, I found this link today, which is gross, about men who spy on women through hacking into their computers and using their own webcams against them.

If this quote doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about why the concept of consent is important and how the internet can distance people from empathy, I don’t know what will, ” “For me I don’t have the feeling of doing something perverted, it’s more or less a game, cat and mouse game, with all the bonuses included. The weirdest thing is, when I see the person you’ve been spying on in real life, I’ve had that a couple of times, it just makes me giggle, especially if it’s someone with an uber-weird-nasty habit.”

It’s just a game, I guess.

From panels on moving sex into real spaces and the benefits of speaking openly and vulnerably about sexuality in person (and online) to Twitter battles about consent and rape culture, to finding articles about new ways people can hurt each other online about sex and consent, it’s been an odd few days.

All I know is, having your back go out at SXSW is not ideal and I’m planning on upping the core exercises like whoa, very soon. As soon as I can walk again.



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3 responses to “SXSW Updates, Back Broken but Level Headed

  1. YOWCH! I’m sorry about your back and hope you get some relief soon. But I want you to know that “kerfuffle” and “piffle” are my new favorite words.

    Feel better soon, my dear!

  2. danielleparadis

    Pia is really, really awesome.

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