One Single Act

There are a lot of pablum-y stories out there about how one single act can make a difference, yes? That starfish parable comes to mind, you know the one, “It made a difference to that one.” And everyone groans.

But it’s true, is the thing.

I can’t go into details, but suffice to say that I did something several months ago, something routine and easy for me. Not a risk, really, but something that made a huge impact on someone. Like, a big impact enough to change how they live their life, and they went so far as to tell me just a few days ago that this one little bitty thing had an effect.

And I was floored and honored and gutted by the revelation. Because we never know who is watching us. We never know that the simple silly authentic things we do might have a huge impact on someone hurting, or searching, or needing, or seeking.

So always know that what you do? It really matters. All the time. And you may never know, just like I may never know, but I’ll tell you that knowing about that one thing?

Is enough to keep me going. So keep being amazing and loving and awesome, because you are.


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