Kids, Play, ADHD

I read this yesterday and had a few strong reactions. It’s an article on how ADHD meds aren’t helping kids with ADHD, especially little ones.

1) Kids need to run around. I was at an event Sunday night, lots of people and about 10 kids there and a band playing great music. The kids spent about two hours dancing, jumping off stairs, sliding around, a little bit of roughness but not too much and they were perfectly happy. These were girls too, fyi, for any of the world that thinks its just boys that need that. They moved and moved and moved and moved. And then when they got tired they sat down. And then they moved some more. So maybe increasing recess and free play would help, huh?

2) Chemicals chemicals chemicals. In our food, water, and air. Food coloring is suspected of altering behavior. There are a number of foods that European nations don’t import unless they are changed in terms of ingredients. Check out this article. We change them for our export but don’t for our own people. I don’t get conspiracy minded, but I think about how much sodium, fat, and processed material is in so much of our food? Seems like it would have an effect over time.

3) Don’t make them sit in classrooms in Pre-K but we have to to a certain extent because we don’t value spending time with them and have built a culture where everyone has to work like dogs all day just to pay rent. It’s all our own fault, and meds ain’t gonna fix it.

Good Men Project published my piece on kids and play. I’d say this goes for adults too. Think of how we lived for millennia. Fresh food, fresh water, lots of physical labor and play. Why on earth would we think that would suddenly change with our kids, now in our modern day?

It’s a big mess and seems like a real crisis to me if we have this many kids having this much problem at such a young age.


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  1. I don’t want to get on my soap box and write an essay in the comments section of your blog, but I could not agree more. Kids NEED play. It’s how they learn and grow, and if we don’t allow them to do it, how can we possibly expect anything but a host of problems?

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