Women, Weight, Looks-Still The Arbiter Of Value

So there was this clip that I saw-Adele’s weight is more important than talking about her talent and in fact this particular clip indicates that her win will only encourage women to believe it’s ok to be fat.

Fox News Wastes Four And A Half Minutes Criticizing Adele’s Weight | ThinkProgress.

And then there is this (note that the Jezebel article is calling out other articles on Lena Dunham and the episode in which she has sex with a hot man but the other article writers don’t think she’s attractive enough for that hot man to want her).

What Kind of Guy Does A Girl Who Looks Like Lena Dunham Deserve

And I tell ya, it’s damn annoying. As someone who has long struggled with disordered eating and a comic face, it’s so so hard to wrestle with the idea that talent isn’t as important as being arousing. Of course now that I’m over 40 that doesn’t matter so much, but man it’s hard to watch these extremely talented women get crap. I’m not sure I have more than that only that it brings up a little fight I saw break out on The Good Men Project about men not wanting to be considered success objects. And I thought…are they? Are men objectified by success as women are by looks? My friend Ms. N said that while men were valued by society women were valuable, a distinct difference I think, though that point was argued quite a bit.

I’m also not sure how much of all of this is because of our culture being so highly video-ised something I wonder if my husband, The Professor might have thoughts on. In years past, it was so much more about vocal ability or theatrical (or athletic) talent. Now you have to be a supermodel and talented.

That’s a lot to ask from anyone.


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