Food Tuesdays

Last week I had the flu, or if it wasn’t that, I hate to think what it was because it laid me flat and stompled all over me and I felt terrible. Like sleep 18 hours a day and want more kind of awful.

I still feel woogy to tell the god’s truth and so one thing I am doing is focusing very carefully on food. Eliminating things like caffeine and alcohol, gluten and most animal products. Reset a little bit.

Seems hideously boring to me, cause I have always had a bit of a decadent style when it comes to food and drink, but I’m concerned about where my energy has gone, even prior to this bug.

What good is life if one is tired all the time, yeah? Any of you out there who have found inroads to increased energy and vitality please drop me a comment! I could use them!


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  1. I hate that you still don’t feel well, but I’m glad you’re on the mend! Sending lots of wellness vibes your way!

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