Farewell To Armor-Poetry Reading with Jim Trainer

Tomorrow I have the honor of opening for Jim Trainer, a Texas writer, musician and poet. He’s having a book release at 8 pm February 1, information here, and I’ll be reading some of my own poetry as well, the sum of which can be found at this website

Austin Poet and Singer/Songwriter Jim Trainer Releases his first full length collection of poetry.
w/readings by Jim Trainer and Julie Gillis

I don’t know why
between trouble&the Blues
we’re expected to function this way
some small window
some real gamble
we may have
day in the sun
we may ride high
some fearless Nights
we will have to come back down
we will have to hash it out
between trouble&the Blues.
-from “between trouble&the Blues” by Jim Trainer

Jim Trainer is a communicator. Growing up in the hardcore punk scene of the early ’90s taught him everything he needed to know about real work. Trainer has read his poetry extensively across the country. He’s carried the torch for independent media, broadcasting as one of the early voices of Radio Volta 88.1FM while writing for the Philadelphia IMC’s wire in the early ’00s. He currently serves as contributor, editor and curator of Going For The Throat, a semi-daily publication of cynicism, outrage, correspondence and romance.His work has appeared in Verbicide Magazine, Anthology Philly, WKDU’s Communiqué and Divergent Magazine. .


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