Emotional Malnutrition

Bullying is a kind of emotional malnutrition. We know we can get diseases from not eating the right foods, or getting the right vitamins and minerals. Just look at Vitamin C and Scurvy, or D and Rickets. Or heart disease and fats/sodium.

So why don’t we see things like bullying, rape, and other such problems as emotional malnutrition? In some cases, you are possibly just genetically predisposed to anti social behavior (possibly like some people wind up with some chronic illnesses), but just like you can help reduce your risks of cancer etc by eating well, perhaps we should keep looking into what feeds the emotional self/soul/core.

Empathy, compassion, gentleness for one.

Cause it all adds up into toxicity. Just check out the inspiration for my thoughts today, from RedHead BedHead, Steubenville, Bullying and a Culture of Rape.


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