14/48 Saturday

I arrived at the theater a lot more tired then the day before, and pretty much everyone looked a little ragged. Not bad, but just like they’d all done 7 plays in 12 hours.

The audience had picked the theme for Saturday, and it was “Over The Edge” and the playwrights had gone back home and written them up overnight.

Again, we picked our casts and I was in a four person play, “The Unknowable,”by Maggie Lee, directed by Suzanne Cohen, a Lovecraftian piece about an Archeologist (me) in search of a fabled library. She finds it, but not in the form she expects, and of course there are tentacles. And pretty much everyone dies.

There were a lot more lines then the last time and I was flung into a kind of full on survivor mode, memorizing both words and blocking and timing, and oddly, I did it reasonably well and with an accent.

The day was a frenzy of work and that kind of tense wiry feeling you get from being tired but wired, focused too hard, moments where I’d forget every word and then moments where it all connected. I’d say that was true for pretty much everyone.

Again, the band had two original songs based on the theme, scoring for the pieces, props and costume folks running around madly, and the documentary crew filming every single bit.

All in all I was amazed at the level of performance, writing and direction. The professionalism was extremely high, the space was gorgeous, and the entertainment value superb. Really, an incredible evening all the way round.

After the 10:30 show we drank and ate and talked to old friends and new. About 2:30 am I realized I had to get to bed, so a dear, dear friend of mine and I walked around downtown and he got me home to my hotel safe and sound where I sank into my bed, tired, slightly tearful in that overwhelmed with happy powerful emotion kind of way.

It was an amazing time, and to think there is a whole other company/group/experience going on right now! I’ll be following the blog for sure!

Rehearsing in a lovely large room. courtesy 14/48


Dr. Abernathy

sat8 002
Tentacles! courtesy 14/48



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2 responses to “14/48 Saturday

  1. This just sounds absolutely amazing – and it also sounds like you had to be pretty brave to take part in something so…raw. You know The Guy would love to pick your brain about an experience like this!

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