14/48 Friday

Still a little dazed with jet lag, I arrived at the Falls Theater inside ACT at 9:30 am and saw a huge pile of pastries, yogurts, teas and coffees and a whole mass of people. Directors were meeting with writers, actors were mingling, tech people were waiting for tasks, and the band was hanging out.

Each director had been assigned a slot, 1-7 and a writer of a play, and then picked the actors randomly out of containers graced with Farrah and Burt. I was in a five person show. Whew, I thought, less lines to know!

Up we went to the 8th floor and read our scripts. Ours was “Expecting” by Brendan Healy, directed by Manuel Cawaling, and it was the tale of two couples, one with a child and one without-and the baby broker (me) who is hopeful that the deal will work out. The play involved a lot of things falling out of the air on one of the couples, including balls, dogs and babies.

True, I didn’t have that many lines, but I did wind up having to catch a plastic baby dropped from the catwalk 40 feet above. Twice. Which I did catch. Bam!

The entire day was spent running lines, figuring out costumes, and cramming food in my mouth, all while not having even a minute to worry about what in the hell I was doing.

Both shows, 8:00 and 10:30 went off really well, with the band serving up two original theme songs, gorgeous music scoring each show, amazing props and costumes seemingly out of no where, and actors totally hitting their stride. I floated home in an adrenaline haze, knowing I needed to try and sleep before we did it all over again.

The Falls Theater


Ms. Clarkson

photo courtesy 14/48


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