14/48 First Looks

I showed up at ACT in downtown Seattle after spending the day visiting old friends and doing that middle aged nostalgia thing. I was nervous and excited, cause I didn’t have a damn idea of what I was really getting myself into.

I walked into the space to be greeted by Megan, one of the steering committee members and got my festival pass. Around the corner in a beautiful lobby was a giant ice cream cone and slips of paper to write down a theme. “I’d like to see seven plays about…” I put in the idea, “Coming full circle.” I went down to the Falls Theater where we were all to meet.

I immediately saw more old friends, and introduced myself to loads of new people. The company meeting began with the tapping of the keg, a kind of Dionysian symbol of inspiration and we got started on introductions, outlines and so forth.

Our theme was chosen and it was, “Back To Square One” which I felt was very complementary to my own idea. All the playwrights (7) headed out to start writing their plays and the rest of us mingled a bit, met the documentary crew, and wondered what would happen in the morning!

The outside of ACT

Our poster

Lots of Coffee


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