Food Tuesday-Reformations

Food, food, food.

I grew up omnivorous in a household that was mostly midwestern in culinary temperament. We ate steaks and pot roasts, boiled vegetables and chipped beef on white toast. There were lots of pancake and bacon breakfasts in our house and casseroles, dripping with carbs and fats and blandly spiced were a mainstay.

At some point in the 70’s my father’s heart disease caught up with him and my mother attempted to go health food, which I resisted. Health food stores in the 70’s smelled very very strange, like grass and incense and fruit leather. And sweat. And patchouli. Our meals contained wheat germ, whole wheat bread and lethicin,  but the meat and dairy consumption did not fade.

After he passed, our diet merged back into a traditional American diet and so it remained until I moved to Seattle in 1992, where I discovered FLAVOR! Thai, Vietnamese, interior Mexican, Cali-Mex, fresh coffee, fine French cheeses and more. I also discovered that foods like spinach and asparagus, when prepared well (not boiled) tasted amazing, fresh and fantastic.

I gave up meat completely after I ate a burger at Jack and the Box after the E Coli outbreak in 1993. My burger was burnt and overdone, but many other people got sick and some children died. I really haven’t been a fan of red meat ever since.

My husband grew up completely vegetarian, nearly vegan, so when we got together (just after my rejection of meat), we had little adjustment to make to accommodate each other’s styles.

We were happily, deliciously, decadently veggie until we moved to Texas in 1998, though we held fast until about 2000 when in a fit of post partum anemia, I went rogue.

And I’ve eaten a lot of delicious meat products in the years from 2000-2012. I love the taste of meat, the savory flavor, the oils, the mouthfeel. Well, all except burgers. I still get weird about burgers.

I think though, that’s going to change. I don’t like the meat industry. I don’t like how the animals are raised, treated, and killed. I don’t like how the factory workers (so very many of them immigrants without good pay or fair labor practices) are treated. I watched the video embedded in this site, and I dare you to watch it and still want to eat industrialized factory farmed meat, I’ll warn you it’s graphic) and just thought…”No.” I don’t like the idea of dominance and violence energetically being part of me, or of me participating in a process of pain for my own pleasure, at least if I can avoid most of it, so I’m moving towards vegetarianism.

Doubtful that I’ll be 100 percent, but it seems instinctively the right thing to do, despite how delicious things taste. There’s a rattling about in my brain about how milk, cheese, and eggs are brought to us, and even our produce (pesticides, growing out of season, overusing the soil, monocultures and again, labor practices) but at the moment, it’s steps.



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2 responses to “Food Tuesday-Reformations

  1. have you considered buying meat from small local farmers? i buy all my meat from whole foods, which is at least better than the grocery store, and still cheaper than the local farmers markets here.

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