The really amazing and awesome thing about mid life is that if you have huge change in perspective about your work, or marriage, or life and you take action on it in perhaps radical ways, everyone is like, “Oh, she’s having a mid life crisis.”

It’s totally expected and, if not welcomed, par for the course. You are SUPPOSED to freak out.

While mid-life crisis has a ring to it, and in the middle of it, yeah it can seem like a crisis, I have mentioned in the past, but will say again, that I prefer Brene Brown’s take on them. She called her’s a midlife crisis spiritual awakening, and also dubbed it “an unraveling.”

I love the image of unraveling! I’m actually really good with unknotting things, like threads or when necklaces get stuck together. I kind of love doing it and get fixated on getting the threads unhooked.

So that’s my term of choice, unraveling, and now also, reformation.

Make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) in order to improve it.
The action or process of reforming an institution or practice

I am unraveling, reweaving, reforming, renewing. Not towards youth, but towards what I’m called to do, in life and in heart.

I’m pretty damn excited about it, actually.


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  1. I’ve watched Brene Brown’s Ted Talk a few times, I think part of the power of it is that she both tells and shows how we can take the negative power out of vulnerable moments by being open to them. I’ve found that as I embrace the opportunity to unravel more consistently I have less “big lightening strike” moments and more consistent reformation/reshaping, similar to how you describe it.

    There’s also something about giving that attention and focus that tells your heart/mind, yes it is worth it to look into these things and to be ready for change, and that in turn makes other relationships in your life more open and accountable. If you’re doing it right, you should be making resolutions / affirmations all year every year!

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