Food Tuesday Early, The Eve

Since tomorrow is officially Christmas, and because I like to talk about food, We are doing Food Tuesday today, on Christmas Eve.

I’m a fan of feasts, big and small. This past Thanksgiving, we had a big huge outrageous feast with so many good friends. This holiday we’ll be dining in small bits and bites, with family mostly, though we may go to a Xmas Eve event hosted by an amazing couple with amazing culinary skills.

There will be champagne, stuffed mushrooms, stuffed acorn squash with a soy-brown sugar-ginger glaze, cheeses and breads, jams and crackers.

The children hate it that we make them eat breakfast before piling into their stockings (which are always filled with chocolates and candies (I got them fresh homemade marshmallows this year!), but breakfast they must and of course we make that as delicious and divine as possible, with eggs and tea and hot coffee and toast and probably, yes, waffles.

We are so lucky to have such bounty, even in homely form. Warm rooms, full bellies, and family and friends happy. That’s all anyone could ever hope for.

I hope your holiday has been filled with all those good things and more.




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