The Oeditrix On Rape, Rape Culture And How To Get It Wrong

I love The Oeditrix for many reasons, but here’s one of my top 5.

She calls things like she seems them, acts on the information, and makes the world a better place, not by complaining, but by that right action.

CultureMap Dallas did a piece on an alleged rape that took place in Highland Park, which leaned (not slightly) towards victim blaming. One of their freelance journalists, Dan Solomon made note of this leaning on his personal blog because he was angry about the piece and the victim blaming contained therein. He was asked to remove the post on his personal blog. He refused. He’s been released from working for CultureMap.

There are a lot of people very very upset with Claire St. Amant for her take on this incident and her follow up hasn’t helped.

The Oeditrix wrote this which encompasses not only her personal reaction to the issues of rape culture, but her very solid stance on the two way street of the relationship between publisher and freelancer. And internet culture. And a few other things. Go read it. I’m proud to share it with you.

Thanks for Slut-Shaming a Teen Rape Victim, CultureMap! « The Oeditrix.

It’s hard for victims of sexual assault to speak out. It’s vitally important that they be able to speak out, share evidence, and that justice is done. It is not just or fair to pile on victims through slut shaming or accusing them of crying rape (and men are victims of sexual assault as well, they just get piled on differently, “Who rapes men, amirite? Lucky kid!”) who are courageous enough to go through the police and medical system and take their case to court.

Sex should be consensual and enthusiastic. No means no. If people can’t talk about sex (and most of us seem to have challenges where that is concerned, either because we feel shame over it, are taught only abstinence, or we simply haven’t practiced using the words) how in the world can we build a world where sexual assault and rape culture are eradicated?

Perhaps more education on consent won’t have an immediate impact on assaults. But I firmly believe it will help create a world where sex is seen as a mutual communication, rather than a currency that the strong are entitled to and that the weak have to protect, trade or fight to keep.

These are our bodies, our children’s bodies. We owe it to ourselves and to them to talk about it.


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