Gratitude 24 Trying

I know it’s not cool to “try.” It’s doing or not doing, right? Sometimes though, it’s the attempt that counts. I am on a running team, Team FX. I’ve mentioned this here on the blog before. It’s my second year, The Professor’s third. I trained last year and ran (mostly) a 13.1 course through Austin. Running doesn’t sit so well with my ankles so I’m walking the course this year, and I’ve found that some of the long walks go easy, and some go hard.

Today’s was hard. I didn’t make the whole 5 1/2 miles, though I did walk for an hour and 15 minutes. My head was filled with distractions, anxieties, and I couldn’t keep focus on my podcasts (ironically, on Buddhist meditation and staying in the now).

Sometimes it’s just hard. And I think trying and falling short is better than not trying at all.


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