Gratitude 18 Improv

We moved to Austin in 1998 and left a strong amazing vibrant theater community back in Seattle. I missed it, the entire shebang from performing to producing, to being up late in small black box theaters to trying to figure out how to costume a show on some tiny amount of money.

Around 1999, we decided to start a family and that definitely meant putting theater on the back burner for a time. Fast forward to early 2004 and two kids later, I happened upon a show at The Hideout Theatre, Start Trekkin. My husband said, you should do that! And so I did.

I signed up for Hideout improv classes with Shana Merlin (of Merlin Works), wound up in a musical improv troupe Girls Girls Girls, performed in Out Of Bounds, made a best friend for life, performed in many shows with amazing Gnap Theater Projects and was so lucky to have a great neighbor and friend in founder Shannon McCormick and his awesome family, produced a women’s comedy festival (LAFF) for 6 years, watched as the community grew from a tiny base of operations into a huge community of 5 major theaters, and opened me up to an entire philosophy of life that continues to make my life more playful, vital, loving and creative.

Here is to improv, to the ability to say “Yes, and?” instead of “No, but…” to making my partners look good, to knowing when to drive and when to give the keys to someone else, to being able to fail well, to play and free association and giddy storytelling that seemingly comes out of nowhere, but truly is some force between people bigger than the individual yet emanating from them.

I’m so happy about the last 8 years and I’m very thankful I’ve had so many wonderful playmates and collaborators in my life.

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