Running and Raising

Last year, The Professor and I each ran a long, long way. Chris ran 26.2 miles and I ran 13.1 all to support the Austin Children’s Shelter. TeamFX, our training group, raised SO much money thanks to many of you and $1300 of that gift came from our run – much more than we ever imagined we’d raise. Thanks for being part of it!!

This year we are back at it and the team has raised our goal as well, up to $45,000. Ambitious, you say? YES. Chris and I have personally pledged to raise at least $1300 again. Once again we ask you to help us reach that goal by being one of 50 people to pledge at least $26 ($13×2!) to our run. You can JOIN our Lucky 50 right now by pledging that Lucky 26 dollars, or keep reading for more information about Team FX and the fabulous raffle prizes this year. And thank you for reading this and supporting ACS!

You can make a donation here!

All of us are wild about running! We started in August and we’re settled into our three-day-a-week training schedule now. The half-runners are up to two miles and full-runners are doing four miles.

Austin Children’s Shelter is an inspiring organization. They are doing amazing, difficult work, serving as emergency housing and services for kids needing shelter from neglectful or abusive homes. There are about 2000 cases around Austin each year and ACS is one of the few places for these kids to go. The shelter has a great track record going back 26 years and last year earned four stars from Charity Navigator, a site that ranks charities by their financial performance. 80% of their donations go to programming. 100% of your donation will go ACS, and it is 100% tax deductible.

The staff there has so many heartbreaking stories about children in Austin, but their love and optimism in the face of it all is amazing and that’s why we raise money. Chris and I want to help ACS show the kids how things can be much much better than what they’ve known. So, we’re getting back on this seven-month freight train that ends up with a very very long day of jogging through this crazy city all because we want to make a difference.


Go to our Fund page and make a donation!

Making a pledge is easy and secure online and there are prizes! Here’s what happens when you donate:

Donate $25 and get invited to our post-marathon party at El Sol y La Luna in downtown Austin AND be entered in a raffle with great prizes.
Donate $50 to get three raffle tickets.
Donate $100 to get 10 raffle tickets.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Donate in memory or honor of someone and they will be acknowledged in the ACS newsletter and website.

Thank you so much for reading this and considering helping this amazing organization. We couldn’t do this without the support and love of our friends and family! You are the best!!!


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