Gratitude 12 Privilege

I’m often aware of how much we have. I’m aware of ease in passing through the world, resources available to me and benefits I may have received not due to earning them, but due to sheer dint of circumstance. And yes, there are a few things in my life made harder by either my rejection of privilege, or things like gender, or ability, but even those can be hidden away. I can pass if I want to.

I’ve had such revelations recently, about the importance of both holding that privilege but also letting go of it. Allowing the discomfort to sit with me and me with it. As I model that for many, I have to be able to look in the mirror, and have other’s hold that mirror up. I cannot look away.

Looking away from our privilege, and what it may mean to others, is the worst thing we can do. I am grateful both for the goodness I have had in my life. I am grateful that I know that it may have cost others. I am grateful that I am willing to be uncomfortable with both pieces of knowing.


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