Austin school district cancels UT play about same-sex penguin… |

Austin school district cancels UT play about same-sex penguin… |

This makes me so very sad. The comments after the article only increase my sadness. It’s a play about penguins who raised an egg. This really happened and indeed, same sex behavior in nature is more common than people think. It’s also about “non traditional” families.

Which apparently is too much to show in a school district known for it’s “No Place For Hate” and a district where my own children go to school, a district that brings in groups like Creative Action, that inspire kids with programs like Courage In Action (noted here in the blog when my own son focused his energies on gay rights and anti bullying).

I’m extremely disappointed in the district’s decision, and I am not sure if the decision came from the district proper or parental protest.

“Jonathan Saenz, president of the conservative Texas Values group, said he believes the district made the right decision.
“We define marriage very clearly in the state of Texas. So if you have a play that tries to push and promote a different marriage definition, which is clearly illegal, it leads students to ask questions about it, and it leads to the discussion of sex,” Saenz said.”

It leads to the discussion of sex.

In a state with the 4th highest rate of teen pregnancies in the nation, one would think that discussion would be perfectly appropriate.

God forbid that children learn about asking questions (about sex, about families, about laws that state which families are real or not), that parents and trusted adults answer them, and that the children would take an active role in their own learning, that they might grow up to continue to question and to learn and take an even more active role in how those laws are formed…well, that’s just trouble isn’t it.

The world is moving forward. Families are created from people, loving and connecting, and acting in mutual commitment and kindness and in consensuality of body and spirit, no matter their gender or former marital status.

How strange that a play about penguins can be so threatening. Even more important then to show it. From the Statesman article, ” There will be free performances in the Oscar G. Brockett Theatre, 300 E. 23rd St., from Nov. 30 to Dec. 1. For showtimes and more information, call 471-5793.”


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