Food Tuesdays-Looking Towards Fall

Fall comes slowly in Texas and it got cold over the weekend while I was gone. I dream of warm kitchens, savory meals and good friends.

Sauteed Chard (or Kale)

Separate the leaves from the big tough vein through the middle and chop roughly.
Melt butter and slowly cook minced garlic in the butter over low heat
I add a touch of agave syrup as it adds sweetness and heft but doesn’t complicate the flavor of the greens. You could use brown sugar if you want. You could also add a vinegar if you like. I tend to do a drizzle of good balsamic at serving.

Sea salt

After the garlic and butter have cooked awhile (10 minutes) add the chopped greens and cook until tender.


Roasted Acorn Squash

Half the squash from stem to end and remove seeds and pulp
In center of squash add butter, brown sugar, soy sauce/tamari, garlic if you like
Wrap with foil and bake in a preheated oven (400 or so) for about an hour or until the softness you like.

I serve this over quinoa, brown rice, white rice etc. Good with the greens listed above.

Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

Chicken or chicken pieces**
Chopped carrots (blanch first as they roast better when slightly cooked ahead)
Chopped green beans (if fresh blanch first to break down the cellulose)
Chopped sweet potatoes
Chopped white potatoes
Cabbage, yeah chopped
Garlic cloves whole
Squash or turnips or cauliflower or whatnot
Sage leaves
Rosemary stalks
Place all ingredients in a roasting pan
Toss with a mixture of lemon, orange juice, salt, melted butter and again, I use a little agave to help the browning.

I roast this at about 375 for an hour, longer if it’s a whole chicken. But if you are roasting a whole chicken you might best roast the veggies later in the process or they’ll get mushy.

Leftovers can be blended with an immersion dealie, chicken stock and made into a lovely soup.

**If using a whole chicken, stuff the bird with halved lemons, oranges, garlic and sage/rosemary. Loosen skin from the bird and rub meat with butter and salt.


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