Must Reads 10/12/12

I’ve been under the weather.

There are a lot of posts I’ve put on my FB and many of them are kind of ugly so be forewarned.

The Stranger shares an anti-gay marriage referendum ad. Made me mad. They say you can be anti gay marriage and not anti gay. But I don’t think it works that way. If you are so sure that there is a differential, that some people deserve some rights more than others, that there are basically classes of people based on sexual orientation (not to mention religion), then I see a lot of “anti” in there.

I’m not a fan of anyone using their camera phone to snap non consensual pictures of anyone, I’m super not a fan of anyone posting those photos to mockery sites or creep sites or whatever you want to call them. What I’m not sure about (but feel like I”m not a fan of either) is the use of the internet to then take the people taking the photos and posting the photos and outing them. It’s kind of a where does it stop thing. All of it just seems sad and mean, but I tell you, I don’t think anyone should be upskirting anyone. That’s just predatory.

This one isn’t ugly but I do worry that De Beers already owns this diamond planet recently found in space.

Politicians being bad about what they say when it comes to sexual assault. And kids. None of that is safe for emotional health.

I really don’t think birth control makes men gay….

Finally, this post on doctor’s encouraging kids to take focusing medications and this post on doping strike me as related in some way. I’m gonna attempt an article on it for next week.

Here are some cat videos to make it all better.


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