Spreading Love, There Is No Need To Fear

It is National Coming Out Day.

Human beings need love and connection to survive and thrive. In order to have love and connection, real connection, it’s important to be able to be honest and authentic in who we are. That can, of course, mean being honest about being a Republican or a Christian in a liberal agnostic family/workplace, or a Democrat or an Atheist in a conservative religious family/workplace. Or having depression. Or an eating disorder. Or an addiction.

Or producing a show on human sexuality in a culture that isn’t all that pro-sex ed.

All those things, if hidden, can eat away at your ability to truly be intimate, to thrive and create, to work to the fullest of your ability and to make and sustain friendships and relationships that are open, honest and compassionate.

Again, Brene Brown speaks well on shame and hiding and the damage it does.

And if it’s hard to be real and open and authentic about those things in your life like depression or politics, think about how hard it must be for those who can see that the very truth of WHO they love is the thing that they must hide? To stay employed. To have a family. To not be bullied.

It’s horrifying to me that anyone would be treated badly based on how and who they love.

Love. The thing our spiritual leaders and guides want us to do.

Love. The thing missing from our day to day consumptive lives.


Allies, friends, come out strong and support your loved ones even if you don’t really understand. Even if it is challenging. Listen with a compassionate heart. Stay connected to those in your life even if it causes you distress cause you have no idea what they might be going through.

Let’s try, all of us, to love and listen more, even if it is hard. Even if it’s scary. Relational rights, sexual rights are human rights. This is hard for some, times have changed and I know there are people out there who really don’t understand, don’t believe the same way I do. So let’s stay in connection and listen, at the very least.

Let’s spread love knowing there is no need to fear.

And let’s enjoy a little Diana Ross.


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