Must Reads 10/5/12

It’s kind of the extremes here today, with lots of fun, frivolous things and then also really hard to read pieces. I’ll alternate to make it less stressful. Or more stressful?

Here you go!

Two fun posts involving cats. One from The Bloggess (it does include a cat, and the cat I want to marry my cat Bean, Hunter S. Thomcat), and one that is all about how to survive kittens being kittens.

A news reporter gets real with a bully about bullying.

I think there is a lot to discuss and unpack here at Role/Reboot, but I wonder if we should be looking at the entire system of what means “success” what means “attraction” and how our focus on “perfection” either in our roles as male/female or in work/career (achieving some American corporate ideal which is becoming more and more impossible to attain) leaves us no room for actual connection, vulnerability, or intimacy in our actual bodies, in our actual skills.

So, yeah Todd Akin. Ok, then.

My fancy funny friend Sara Benincasa discusses health insurance.

This made me want to howl with rage over the obscenity that was the verdict. A person with this disability and cognition (of a three year old) cannot consent to sex. Having to prove you didn’t consent through non-verbal biting and kicking? Really?

Finally, an owl petting a dog.


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