Many Thanks

Just a brief note to share some initial thoughts and thanks about last night.

The University of North Texas’s College of Music faculty and performers, the staff of the absolutely gorgeous Winspear Hall at Murchison Performing Arts Center, and the curators and staff of the Music Libraries did a phenomenal job of creating and presenting a multi-media event including radio recordings, slides, and narration along with his music highlighting several pieces of my father’s music.

They were so professional, so talented and treated us so well. It was really a pleasure and honor to get to meet the musicians and so many people that cared about my father.

Many thanks to Morris Martin, Andrew Justice, Maristella Feustle, Mark McKnight, Sue Parks, Mark Phillips, Ludwig Carrasco-Curintzita, Anna Perkins Griner, Cynthia Beard, Seth Wollam, and our conductor Dennis Fisher.

I also was lucky enough to have family there last night. Having my aunt and cousins there was amazing. They loved my father so much and they all share so deeply in his gift for music. It was wonderful to reconnect. I realize how much I’ve let life get in the way of knowing family. I’m going to rectify that.

The boys really had an awesome time, from the concert to the room service in the hotel ;)It was pretty amazing to get to share the experience with them. I’m really grateful to my husband for encouraging me throughout the time leading up to the event. He knew how nervous I was, and he was really there for me.

Denton? Had a really cool feel to it, much like Athens where I grew up. After the event we got pizza at JJ’s on the square with it’s twinkling lights, lawns filled with hula hoopers and warm night air, and met the owner of a wine bar who knows friends of ours in Austin. Such a small world!

The concert was live streamed, but will also be up on YouTube in the next few days. I’ll link it here.

Have a great weekend!


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