Food Tuesdays-Sweet Potatoes

I am a big fan of the sweet potato. Whether baked with butter, roasted and served as a side, french fried, or mashed, I love them. They are amazing for you, filled with vitamin A and fiber and so I like to use them in breakfast foods.

By this point most of you reading this blog will have had heard of the breakfast taco or breakfast burrito. We have places selling them here like Seattle has latte stands. The usual combination is a flour tortilla with scrambled eggs and either cheese, potatoes, sausage, bacon or all of the above. Usually served with a red salsa. Very, very yum. I like to cook these at home and my favorite variation follows thusly:

flickr creative commons telepathicparanoia

Bake or microwave a large sweet potato until 3/4 done then peel and cut into small chunks. Place into a pan and fry in oil until browned and soft.

Scramble several eggs and add to the pan. Add salt and pepper to taste and cook until eggs are done and mixed well with the sweet potato.

Place egg and sweet potato mixture into a warmed flour tortilla and top with green (tomatillo) salsa, which usually can be found in any major grocery store. Eat it all up.

Sweet potatoes are extremely good for you and lower in carbs for those of you who watch their blood sugar. Full of beta carotene, too! I think these taste fine with regular salsa, but I prefer a hot and smoky green with the sweet mellowness of the sweet potato. Sausage would also be good with these, so would fresh avacado.

Alternatively, you can peel them, cut them into thin shoestrings and fry them in a deep fryer or drizzle lightly with olive oil and salt then bake them at 400 for about 15-20 minutes for sweet potato fries. These are deliciousness.

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