Must Reads 9/14/12

I’ve been watching documentaries recently. So these “must reads” are views but do with them as you will.

Raw Faith, is an amazing and beautiful film regarding a minister in Portland struggling with her choice to retire and her absolute joy in finding love and opening her heart to, well, herself.

This is her blog. She doesn’t write that much, but I am so glad I found her.

The Dhamma Brothers is a profound piece on the power of meditation and contemplation and it’s effects in a prison setting.

Afterlife looks at out of body experiences and near death experiences. My particular jury is out on this one. I’ve heard extremely convincing tales, and I’ve read extremely convincing science and I’m just going with “both/and” at this point.

America the Beautiful (and it’s sequel) was as interesting as it was disturbing in it’s take on the beauty industry, plastic surgery, modeling and our seeming desire for perfection.

American Mystic is a documentary of three people each seeking their spirituality through “outsider” paths. It was well done, not judgy or mocking of any of them. Lots of integrity.

All are available on Netflix Streaming.


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