I read this article today from PostMasculism about how to start a successful blog. One point that struck me was point 1) Select a Unique Brand and Concept to Focus on.

Sounds simple.

I suppose it should be simpler than it seems to me right now. I’m struggling with what that “brand” is and if I even like the concept of a brand at all. Seems so consumptive. I mean I’m not a soft drink!

Many well read blogs have a specific, specialist focus. I don’t take pleasure in the narrow view. I have many interests and have always been a generalist. I’m working on whittling them down to what it is that is in connection between all of them. Social justice? Community?

Popular bloggers often take very strong stands. I admire that. I rarely take a pole and I suppose it’s because I’m as interested in the places the poles can move closer together, or heck to look outside the poles for what causes that division. Conflict resolution. Community Building?

I’ve been called an activist, but I’m not sure that’s even accurate. I feel more that I advocate. Listen. Minister at times. Create space?

What is it that you like reading about, you who read my blog? What is it I do? Do I need to be fiercer about the poles I do stand by? Or do I need to continue seeking those intersections and opening doors to connection?

Less recipes? Probably less recipes.

What’s my brand, I wonder.


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One response to “Branding

  1. mauditmo

    I hate the brand argument because it assumes that your readers need some sort of marketing b.s. to care about you. Plus, it’s a waste of time to ponder your own “brand” as if you can control a reader’s conception and perception of your writing. Pffft. Just be awesome. Be beautiful to your readers. Be smart. Care hard.

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