Depression Lies

from the take 5 to save lives website

Depression lies. I’ve said that for a long time. Other people, wise people like The Bloggess (offering a wonderful post today about the things that have kept us alive), say it too so you know it’s true.

Since today is World Suicide Prevention Day, do a little something to help support the people in your life (and yourself too) and keep focused on the truth of life.

I’ve lost several people close to me to death in illness. One in particular, one I loved deeply, to suicide. I’ve had issues with depression that ranged from mild to quite severe, as have many members of my family. I’ve watched close friends grieve intensely after a suicide of a friend or family member.

People feel the loss of you. It never really goes away. It can be healed, loss and grief, but I’m of the opinion there is always a little scar tissue left. Lots if the death was traumatic.

Ask for help. Be of help. None of us are as alone as we think, and though we are singular creatures, we exist in community. Let’s all be that for each other.


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