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Out of the blue a very talented musician and writer posted a link on my blog of his poem, ribbons.

It was such a nice surprise to receive, completely unexpected, and a genuine gift.

I write poetry too, at least sometimes I do (or did..I haven’t felt that particular muse in a while), and I find poems to be a singular joy, the way they distill experiences and feelings into something precious.

I’m glad I’ve got some new work to read and love.

ribbons by Jim Trainer

of blue&white
tacked to
the Wall
above the
ruin&the Wine&the waste
on the broad oaken
the pack of Parliaments
w/just two left, pens and
candles and
the empty bottle of
the summer it was
hot but
replete w/the kind of losses
you’re thankful for
like being shot at
with her gun when
you knew the chamber only held
one. that’s what
summer was-
a donning of hollow godheads,
dancing down blazing streets of yellow
collecting talismans
shaken from the tower
each one
with better luck.
each one with better luck.


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  1. Thanks, doll. More to come!

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