Comfort Food Part 2-Juice

I know yesterday I wrote about Processed Mac N Cheese and it’s particular comfort producing attributes. I know it’s not real food. Juice is real and it also makes me feel comforted.

Last night I actually ate a huge meal of various starches, fats and salts of the Thai variety and due to work events, of the pizza variety on Sunday. And I’ve had massively intense dreams and various physical reactions that made me realize that the high salt and high fat and processed foods really just are not good for you at all, comforting in the moment they may be.

Enter juice.

While I have not been juicing, I have been reading about juicing. I have had juice from a lovely place to get juice.

I think that the more green and red and blue and yellow and orange you have in your diet, the better. Not dyes, of course. Real colors from real food.

Because I don’t have a juicer yet, and frankly, I probably won’t, I’ve been making smoothies each morning with the following:

Protein powder in vanilla (currently using a whey based, but want to move to a vegan brand)
Frozen chopped spinach (flavorless!)
Frozen strawberries, raspberries or peaches (whatever is on hand)
Frozen bananas
Almond milk
A spoonful of yogurt
Maca powder, just a tsp
Gogi berries, also about a tsp

It’s filling and makes me feel awesome and it’s sort of like having a milkshake in the morning, so that’s a really fun thing. And it makes me feel comforted somehow like perhaps I’m reversing some of the effects of the inevitable processed foods I occasionally indulge in because stress and life get in the way.


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