One More Thought On Akin

So I’ve seen a lot of posts about the Akin situation.

And how maybe abortion rights etc is a distraction from more important (real, vital or so forth) issues like poverty, economics, war and etc.

And it’s true that yes there are some really terrifying issues out there in todays world. From school shooters, to war, to cutting of funding, to lack of jobs. I think they are connected though. Think about the pattern. It’s about dominance in total. Over people. Over women. Over birth and how it works. Over state funding and who gets it. Over education and privilege and who deserves it. Over relational right and who gets them. Over oil. And keep in mind it isn’t entirely a right wing/left wing deal, it’s a corporate power deal and a religion deal but I see more of the dominance and control and nationalistic religious issues on the right.

This quote/comment from “Max” in this very good CNN article says a lot to me, “Well abortion is not simply a narrow subject, it’s a window into Republican vision of religious dogma dominated state. It’s not just about abortion, everything else in GOP worldview is tied to their “ordained purpose” to control everyone else. Republicans justify wars, poverty and hunger using the same twisted hypocritical dogma where their rights to dominate and control others are “protected”. ”

I don’t like the idea of abortion one bit. I really don’t. If pressed? I’d probably have a really hard time having one, if I could at all, which is why I am ferocious about the idea of contraception and sexual education. If sanctity of life is important than we should all be feeding the poor, ending wars, disbursing wealth, socializing human services, preserving rain forests, creating the most humane industrialized food processes, paying workers a fair wage, stopping the death penalty, exploring space (inner and outer) and honoring the intellects that allow us to learn and explore, create art and beauty.

We shouldn’t do whatever it is we seem to be doing, and then watch a party flail anti-intellectual BS about reproduction, and how might makes right and God rewards people with money, and so forth and so own eating our own tail in the process.

I see women’s rights as paramount (as with LGBT and environmental issues) as markers of how far a party is willing to go to control, to dominate, instead of sharing, collaborating and stewarding.

I see it as related and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to not see it as such, especially when the control of my own body, so very recently granted me (in this past century really), may be gleefully wrest away by people who believe the things Akin and his ilk believe.

That means they will wrest control away from your bodies too, men. Or Muslims. Or Sikhs. Or atheists. Or intellectuals. Or gays. Because what they want is control.

Perhaps women are the canary in that particular coal mine. I’m a human being and equal. And I think it’s all related.

And as such, the issue is even more complicated than parties to choose from but an entire system that rewards dominance and consumption and keeps itself connected to old patterns of religion rather than science or even personal mysticism.

So how do make that particular shift, folks? Cause it’s all related. At least I think it is. Cohesion is needed.


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One response to “One More Thought On Akin

  1. I completely agree with your premise — it’s all about dominance. Abuse of power. I don’t know how we make the shift. What gets powermongers to decide to share?

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