Must Reads 8/10/12

Here’s some more cool links to enjoy, share, tweet and whathaveyou!

This one is all about how we create narratives due to the way our brains process information. Hint: It’s not because we know what’s happening in the moment!

I love Nancy Drew! I did a show last year where we improvised Nancy Drew tales and I had all the books growing up. The language is so dated and so that’s what makes this link on “texts from Nancy Drew” so funny!

In science fiction, here’s are posts on the Loch Ness Monster AND on the fabled city of Atlantis. I loved reading about both these things as a child, and was always watching In Search Of with my mother. Kind of cool that Atlantis might truly have been real.

In Science Science news….this is what ADHD feels like. I can attest to having many of the feelings described in this piece, though not the “H” part. Still, a fantastic look into the way ADHD minds work. Our brains are all different and of course they are!

A passionate and angry post from me on The Good Men Project about some very disturbing tweets from Bryan Fischer regarding kidnapping children from LGBT homes.

And a happier post from me on the new dating site Strange Angels about how to go out on “friends” not “dates.”

I’m trying out Pinterest! I’m new to it so I don’t have a lot pinned yet. If you are on and want to follow me, please do so here at my site!


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