Food Tuesdays-Sweet Potato Quesadillas

Here is a dish I really like. I love sweet potatoes in nearly any way they can be prepared. They are filled with nutrients, of course, but you don’t much need to even worry about that. They are a gorgeous holiday orange inside, with a rough, reddish, homely skin. They are earthy and delicious, filled with A and Fiber and the soil and life. They can be baked and served with butter, mashed, french fried, and of course topped with marshmallow and served with turkey.

Because I love using them, I’ve infiltrated them into lots of dishes, such as this one.

Sweet Potato Quesadillas

one small sweet potato
chedder or montery jack cheese, shredded-1/4 cup
two corn or flour tortillas (I prefer corn)
green tomatillo salsa
oil for pan

Bake a sweet potato.
Peel it and mash it with a little butter and sour cream until soft and tender.
Warm oil in pan
Place mashed sweet potato and cheese on tortilla and top with remaining tortilla
Place in pan and fry
Top with salsa or any other garnish (tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro etc)

I like this combination of flavors for the sweet and savory mix. The green salsa is smoky and complements the dish very well.


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