Meanderings 7/30/12

I took a short vacation this past week and stayed at home. I’m fond of the staycation because I rarely just get to be domestic and I always feel better when I get the chance to cook or clean or just sit in my house.

I watched a number of documentaries, primarily about the food industry.

Fed Up, Food Fight, No Impact Man, Tapped, and Deconstructing Supper were all on the list. They are all on Netflix Instant View and I highly recommend them.

Because I was watching films on food, I also did some gardening. I’ve never been the best gardener, mostly because as mentioned above, I’m rarely at home. But I think that trend will change, because I’m finding more and more that I value time alone and time at home.

Also, I believe food and the pleasure food brings are important radical forces for good. Not unlike sexuality. And we’ve damaged how food is grown and processed and brought to people. Not unlike sexuality. It’s the idea of pleasure and the nutrition that pleasure can bring the human body, that I’m keen on exploring.

More on that later this week.

Here are some shots of the seedlings, all herbs, save for the hanging baskets.




Basil and Lavender and Thyme



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